CBD Oil is one of the world’s fastest growing health trends, especially true in the UK. Last year, an enormous 6 million Brits tried the cannabis-based supplements. In fact, reports show that 1.3 million Brits use CBD Oil regularly. As with any fast-growing trend there remains plenty of confusion and misunderstanding around CBD. Not to mention untrustworthy sources of CBD Oil. The popular cannabis-based supplement is surging in awareness, but less so in understanding. A powerful natural health remedy, CBD Oil was very popular in 2020. National lockdowns around Europe prompted rising anxiety levels and increasing sleep issues. People often forced to work and sleep in the same room was just one driver of this. So many turned to CBD, a terrific natural alternative – for such ailments – to pharmaceutical products. Many people have noted how difficult it can be to find a reliable and quality source of CBD Oil. So, we have conducted some research and created a guide to show you some of our best picks in the UK and Europe. Best CBD Oil Brands in the UK Dragonfly CBD is streets ahead of other CBD brands on the UK and European market. A trusted, quality and safe option, Dragonfly CBD is available in almost every retailer in the UK. In fact, it is tough to go shopping and not come across their products. The organically grown CBD brand is a must have for retailers and customers alike. Stocked in Boots, Sainsburys, Tesco, Day Lewis Pharmacy and Amazon, Dragonfly CBD has been leading the way with its award winning CBD Oil range. Last year, Boots’ Advantage Card customers voted it the best CBD Oil. Additionally, it has hundreds of 5* reviews from satisfied customers. It is no wonder that that Bloomberg labelled Dragonfly the “lonely trailblazer” of the CBD industry. Recently, the company created an innovative range of CBD Skincare products for topical application. This range has proved a huge hit for skincare maintenance and more severe conditions such as acne and eczema. Dragonfly CBD is amongst the most reasonably priced on the market. In a product category often considered expensive. By controlling the entire supply chain, from seed to shelf, Dragonfly maintains high quality and low costs. Crucially, all Dragonfly CBD’s Cannabis Sativa is cultivated on organically certified land, without the use of pesticides. This ensures the purest CBD Oil possible is created. With free UK delivery and deliveries throughout Europe, there’s little reason not to try Dragonfly’s award-winning CBD Oil. Visit dragonflycbd.com Bud & Tender has only recently started but they have a burgeoning reputation already. Like Dragonfly CBD, B&T uses ethanol extraction to produce a high-quality CBD extract. They have a lab report available for every single batch, to ensure full consumer trust with their product. Not only that but they have excellent customer service, and all their oils have a delicious fruity hue to them. Hill Country Collective sets its ambitions high, quite literally at times. They are a group of fell running, ultra-athletes who want to get its users back outdoors with a range of CBD Oils and Creams for recovery. HCC care deeply about their product and community, having discovered CBD as a cure to sore knees and tired legs. Their product range includes CBD Oils and muscle rubs, specially designed to support hill runners on their arduous training plans. Recently, they launched an organic clothing range with a stylish line of cotton t-shirts and hoodies. Ultimately, if you are looking for a quality CBD product at a reasonable price, then Dragonfly CBD ticks all the boxes. What is CBD Oil? CBD is found in the flowers, leaves, stalks and stems of hemp – also known as Cannabis Sativa. CBD is an abbreviation of cannabidiol and just one of many compounds that can be found in the plant alongside THC, CBDA, and CBG. There are many scientific studies that highlight CBD’s excellent anti-inflammatory properties. In turn, this has led CBD to be a popular source of relief for anxiety, pain and poor sleep. How do you take CBD Oil? There are many ways to administer CBD Oil, but the best route is “sublingual.” Take the CBD Oil dropper or spray and place a few drops of the oil under your tongue. Once settled, hold the oil for a few minutes and wait for the effects to take hold. A great tip to improve the bioavailability (rate of absorption) of CBD Oil is to take it after a meal. Studies have shown this can improve absorption rates by up to 5 times! CBD Oil Benefits CBD Oil has shot onto the scene in the last few years. A key reason behind this is because CBD acts at different receptors within the body. As a result, it can have a range of different effects. Although clinical studies to prove its efficacy are only in the preliminary stages, CBD Oil has become a source of comfort for many to combat the effects of anxiety. Most people use CBD to manage anxiety and stress levels. However, many also use it for pain management and to help get a good night’s sleep. There is substantial evidence that CBD Oil helps with the following conditions: Multiple Sclerosis Epilepsy Chronic Pain Schizophrenia Sleep Disturbance Parkinson’s Make sure you avoid THC A recent BBC investigation highlighted several well-known CBD brands containing illegal quantities of THC. So how do you ensure the CBD Oil you are taking is THC-free? All CBD brands should have batch specific laboratory results on its website. If a brand doesn’t have any lab reports, we suggest you steer well clear of them! Dragonfly CBD’s mission is to pioneer the fast-expanding CBD industry. All its CBD products are organically grown, THC-free and proven. So it gets our top spot as the best CBD Oil in the UK and has already won so many awards.

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